Lebanon is home to some of the oldest vineyards in the world and the wine produced there has been known for millennia for its high quality. Despite its good quality, wines from Lebanon are relatively unknown to the majority of wine lovers, partly because of its tumultuous history, but also because of the relatively small production numbers. With 2000 hectares of vineyards, the total annual production is around 8.5 million bottles. A fraction of the production numbers from the more well-known wine producing countries such as France, Italy, South Africa and Australia.


More than 5000 years ago, viticulture originated in the area around the Bekaa valley, after which the Phoenicians cultivated the first vines along the coastline. During the Romans wine was actively grown and in the Middle Ages it was Venetian merchants who exported the wine to Europe.


In the mid 19th century Jesuit monks planted the Algerian Cinsault grape and soon others followed their example. In 1982, however, production fell sharply due to the civil war, but in the 1990s, viticulture was given a new impulse, mainly due to the great influence of several French top vinologists and now more than 40 houses are active in viticulture. The soil conditions in Lebanon (many calcareous mountains) are very suitable for growing wine. Due to the dry climate and the many hours of sunshine, there are no harmful fungal diseases, making the use of pesticides almost unnecessary. This results in exceptionally pure, elegant and beautiful wines.


Through this site we would like to introduce you to some of these special and beautiful wines from this fantastic wine region. Thanks to our good contacts with the winegrowers themselves, we can offer you a selection of wines, where there is always a bottle for every occasion.

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